Challenges in numerical weather prediction in coming 10 years

bk21eaa, 2017-04-11 15:58:47

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Title : Challenges in numerical weather prediction in coming 10 years


Currently, the typical resolution of the global atmospheric model for numerical weather prediction (NWP) at major operational centers is around tenth-kilometers, which should employ the parameterized precipitation processes. It is generally believed that we can take the parameterized precipitation algorithm out at the grid size less than 1 km, which may not be feasible in coming 10 years in global model community. Between the two regimes, the gray-zone precipitation physics is needed, which is smaller than the column physics, but still greater than the scale that can be explicitly resolved. For regional NWP, the resolution of models can be one-order higher than that of the global model. In this talk, we describe the advantages and disadvantages of high-resolution models for NWP, and possible efforts to overcome the major obstacles focusing on dynamical core and physical processes.


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에어로졸과 구름 상호작용을 이용한 기후예측

| 대기과학
장동영 박사님(Max Planck Institute for Chemistry) 과학관 551 2017 5/11 11:00

기상 연구 추진 현황과 학관 협력 과제

| 대기과학
이우진 박사님(기상청 기획조정관) 과학관 553 2017 5/2 16:00

Nuclear Rings, Nuclear Spirals, and Mass Accretion to Supermassive Black Holes in Disk Galaxies

| 천문우주학
김웅태 교수님(서울대학교) 과학관 B102 2017 4/28 11:00

Challenges in numerical weather prediction in coming 10 years

| 대기과학
홍성유 단장님(한국형수치예보모델개발사업단) 과학관 553 2017 4/18 16:00

Challenging Space Smart, 쎄트렉아이의 우주 미션 소개

| 천문우주학
김성우 박사님(쎄트렉아이) 과학관 B102 2017 4/14 11:00

초고성능컴퓨팅기반 재난대응 의사결정지원시스템 개발 현황 및 계획 소개

| 대기과학
조민수(한국과학기술정보연구원 재난대응HPC 연구센터) 과학관 553 2017 4/11 16:00

Observational Evidence for the Coevolution between Supermassive Black Holes and Host Galaxies

| 천문우주학
김민진 박사님(한국천문연구원) 과학관 B102 2017 4/7 11:00

미세먼지 예보제 현황 및 개선

| 대기과학
장임석 박사님(국립환경과학원 대기질통합예보센터) 과학관 553 2017 4/4 16:00

The gas cycle of galaxies across environments

| 천문우주학
Barbara Catinella(ICRAR, Australia) 과학관 638 2017 4/3 14:00

Role of Terrain in Atmospheric Model Numerics

| 대기과학
박상훈 교수님(연세대학교 대기과학과) 과학관 553 2017 3/28 16:00

National Space Situational Awareness Initiative – Architecture Design for Korean Space Situational Awareness System

| 천문우주학
박장현 박사님(한국천문연구원) 과학관 B102 2017 3/24 11:00

Photochemical aging of organic and inorganic ambient aerosol in East Asia: Results from Potential Aerosol Mass (PAM) reactor experiment

| 대기과학
이미혜 교수님(고려대학교 지구환경학과) 과학관 553 2017 3/21 16:00

A New Paradigm for Star Formation: Episodic Accretion

| 천문우주학
이정은 교수님(경희대학교) 과학관 B102 2017 3/17 11:00

Neutrino Oscillation Measurement

| 천문우주학
Prof. Kyungkwang Joo(Chonnam Univ.) 과학관 B102 2017 3/10 11:00

How well do satellite observations and models capture diurnal variation in aerosols over the Korean Peninsula?

| 대기과학
Dr. Edward J. Hyer(Naval Research Laboratory, NASA) 과학관 553 2017 3/7 16:00

Herschel and Millimeter Observations of Supernova Remnants

| 천문우주학
Dr. Jeonghee Rho (SETI Institute and NASA Ames Research Center) 과학관 B102 2016 12/16 11:00

Galaxy Transformation in the local Universe

| 천문우주학
Dr. Luca Cortese (The University of Western Australia) 과학관 B102 2016 12/13 11:00

Development of Land Surface Process for KIAPS Integrated Model (KIM)

| 대기과학
구명서 박사님(한국형수치예보모델개발사업단) 과학관 553 2016 12/6 16:00

Intensive Monitoring of Nearby Galaxies and Early light curve of Supernovae

| 천문우주학
임명신 교수님(서울대학교) 과학관 B102 2016 12/2 11:00

Simulation for global distribution of Aerosol optical depth using SPRINTARS and its comparison

| 대기과학
박상서 박사님(서울대학교) 과학관 553 2016 11/29 16:00