Spacecraft Formation Flying and Virtual Space Telescope

bk21eaa, 2017-11-22 10:11:43

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Title: Spacecraft Formation Flying and Virtual Space Telescope


Many space telescopes have a single structure that may have limitations in improvement of the resolution of science images. Telescopes using single spacecraft also have strict mechanical alignment and stability requirements for large metering structures. Yonsei University and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center have collaborated in a study to resolve these limitations of existing space telescopes. A potential solution uses two spacecraft instead, one with a refractive lens system and the other with a detector system. The separation between the two spacecraft can be used for an increased focal length of telescope in space. By using formation flying, the two spacecraft can be simplified as a virtual telescope system. Some proposed missions seek to advance the state of the art in spacecraft science imaging by utilizing a virtual space telescope. The most challenging aspects of these missions are the relative navigation and control of spacecraft in formation flying. Orders of magnitude improvement in science imaging over conventional single spacecraft instruments is possible with advances in precision formation flying. This study presents an overview of the mission and the configuration systems of the CANYVAL-X and CANYVAL-C. Two cubesats have been developed by Yonsei University for demonstrating basic technologies of virtual telescope alignment system. Precision formation flying can be achieved by use of separate control laws for formation maintenance and precision astrometric alignment. For performing inertial alignment, many advanced technologies are required for a vision alignment system, a relative position control system with fine thrusters, a relative orbit determination system, an inter-satellite link system, and a satellite separation system. The CANYVAL-X CANYVAL-C missions will demonstrate the core technologies of a virtual telescope in space. The experimental results can be used for subsequent science demonstration missions.


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