What is Nature Astronomy and how do I get published in it?

bk21eaa, 2018-04-09 09:42:53

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Dr. Marios Karouzos(Nature Astronomy)
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Title: What is Nature Astronomy and how do I get published in it?   

Nature Astronomy, launched in January 2017, is a new research journal published by Springer Nature. Sitting alongside our sister journal Nature, we aim to publish high impact research in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics and planetary science. In this talk I will cover the motivation and scope of the journal, the types of manuscripts we publish, and what we look for in papers. I will also cover common pitfalls of writing and submitting papers and I will share hints and tips on how to maximize the impact of your paper, from writing an engaging but informative title and a properly contextualized but concise abstract, to structuring your paper in a way that your results are communicated succinctly.    


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Lyman alpha emission from high-redshift galaxies and their circum-galactic medium - a joint view from MUSE and simulations.

| 천문우주학
Dr. Jeremy Blaizot(Observertoire de Lyon ) 과학관B102 2018 4/3 16:00

도시 흐름, 대류 및 분산 (Urban Flow, Convection, and Dispersion)

| 대기과학
백종진 교수님(서울대학교) 과학관 553 2018 3/27 16:00

What is Nature Astronomy and how do I get published in it?

| 천문우주학
Dr. Marios Karouzos(Nature Astronomy) 과학관B102 2018 3/23 11:00

The Unbalanced Dynamics of Deep Jet Streaks Above Developing Surface Inverted Troughs

| 대기과학
Prof. Michael L. Kaplan(Desert Research Institute) 과학관 553 2018 3/21 11:00

Korean Heatwaves and Their Association with Large-scale Atmospheric Circulation Patterns

| 대기과학
이명인 교수님(울산과학기술원) 과학관 553 2018 3/20 16:00

The MESSIER surveyor: lifting the veil on the ultra-low surface brightness universe

| 천문우주학
David Valls-Gabaud(CNRS, Observertoire de Paris) 과학관B102 2018 3/16 11:00

Characteristics of Cold Surges over East Asia and Its Relation to Arctic Oscillation

| 대기과학
박태원 교수님(전남대학교 지구과학교육과) 과학관 553 2017 12/5 16:00

기후변화적응 기술로서의 수처리적용:남태평양 도서국 사례 중심으로

| 지구시스템과학
김경웅 교수님(광주과학기술원) 과학관B104 2017 11/30 16:00

Galaxy evolution at high redshift protocluster : ALMA view and future prospects

| 천문우주학
이민주(University of Tokyo) 과학관 638 2017 11/24 16:00

시험용 달 궤도선과 지상국 개발 현황

| 천문우주학
송영주 박사님(한국항공우주연구원) 과학관B101 2017 11/24 11:00

Spacecraft Formation Flying and Virtual Space Telescope

| 천문우주학
박상영 교수님 과학관B101 2017 11/17 11:00

Into the Unknown '미지의 우주 속으로'

| 천문우주학
Northrop Grumman 과학관B102 2017 11/10 11:00

Dynamics of the local group galaxies using HST proper motions

| 천문우주학
손상모 박사님(STScI) 과학관 638 2017 11/8 11:00

Multi-algorithmic Hybrid Attitude Determination and Control System for Cubesats

| 천문우주학
이대영 박사님(Univ. Texas Austin) 과학관615B 2017 11/7 16:30

해양자료동화를 적용한 해양순환 및 기후예측 시스템 개발

| 대기과학
김영호 박사님(한국해양과학기술원) 과학관 553 2017 11/7 16:00

Optical Maturity on the Walls of Lunar Craters

| 천문우주학
김성수 교수님(경희대학교) 과학관B101 2017 11/3 11:00

Towards Accurate Cosmology with Galaxy Lensing Survey

| 천문우주학
Dr. Ami Choi(Ohio State Univ.) 과학관 638 2017 10/30 11:00

지구방위와 우주상황인식 분야에 대한 천문우주과학과 우주공학 연구 주제​

| 천문우주학
조성기 박사님(KASI) 과학관B101 2017 10/20 11:00

Troposphere – A chemical medium supporting terrestrial life and how we have been messing it up

| 대기과학
김세웅 교수님(University of California, Irvine) 과학관 553 2017 10/17 16:00

Origin of the UltraDiffuse Galaxies

| 천문우주학
이명균 교수님(서울대학교) 과학관B101 2017 9/29 11:00

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