Game Theory and Distributed Control

bk21eaa, 2018-04-27 17:06:05

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Prof. KwangKi Kim (Inha University)
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Title: Game Theory and Distributed Control    

Game theory is the study of decision problems in which there are multiple decision makers, and the quality of a decision maker's choice depends on that choice as well as the choices of others. Game theory has been employed traditionally as a modeling tool for describing and influencing behavior in societal systems. Recently, game theory has emerged as a valuable tool for controlling or prescribing behavior in distributed engineered systems. The idea behind this new perspective stems from the parallels between the underlying decision making architectures in both societal systems and distributed engineered systems. In particular, both settings involve an interconnection of decision making elements whose collective behavior depends on a compilation of local decisions that are based on partial information about each other and the state of the world. Accordingly, there is extensive work in game theory that is relevant to the engineering agenda. Similarities notwithstanding, there remain important differences between the constraints and objectives in societal and engineered systems that require looking at game theoretic methods from a new perspective. This talk will provide an overview of selected recent developments of game theoretic methods in this role as a framework for distributed control in engineered systems. In particular, I will present sampled results in three specific control theory topics in which game theory has played a significant role: (i) zero-sum games, in which two competing players are a controller and an adversarial environment, (ii) team games, in which several controllers pursue a common goal but have access to different information, and (iii) distributed control, in which both a game and online adaptive rules are designed to enable distributed interacting subsystems to achieve a collective objective.   


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