Modelling air-sea carbon exchange

bk21eaa, 2017-09-11 10:59:36

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Title : Modelling air-sea carbon exchange      


The global ocean has taken up roughly a quarter of total anthropogenic carbon.
Despite the central role of the ocean in the carbon cycle, most of the climate models
are not successful in representing annual and seasonal CO2 flux signals, particularly
in the Southern Ocean that accounts for half the oceanic uptake. The exchange of CO2
between atmosphere and ocean is sensitive to the physical and biogeochemical conditions
of the surface ocean that rely on the momentum, heat, and freshwater fluxes at
the air-sea interface. For instance, the underestimation of wind variability in time and
space can result in significant changes in near-surface mixing and vertical flows. Heat
and fresh water fluxes modify the stability of the surface water as well as the circulation
near the bottom. These changes in ocean circulation driven by air-sea interaction
modulate the transport and biological drawdown of carbon, and in turn, the air-sea
CO2 exchange. Hence a better understanding of the controls of air-sea interactions on
ocean states will allow us to improve the simulations of the air-sea carbon exchange
and carbon cycle in the climate modeling systems.


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