Role of Terrain in Atmospheric Model Numerics

bk21eaa, 2017-03-24 09:30:13

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Title : Role of Terrain in Atmospheric Model Numerics


Without any considering of model numerics, complex topography is widely used to represent mesoscale forcing in atmospheric research. However, in atmospheric simulation models the treatment of complex topography in the model numerics may have a significant impact on the overall solution accuracy. In this presentation, we are investigating some relationships between high-frequent topography and atmospheric model numerics. Kinetic energy spectra and air-turbulence index are examined using a real case study to evaluate high-frequent forcing, which are strongly affected by model numerics. Our views in dealing with these terrain-related issues will be discussed in the context of our experiences in the development and testing of the WRF and MPAS models.


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Role of Terrain in Atmospheric Model Numerics

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박상훈 교수님(연세대학교 대기과학과) 과학관 553 2017 3/28 16:00

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구명서 박사님(한국형수치예보모델개발사업단) 과학관 553 2016 12/6 16:00

Simulation for global distribution of Aerosol optical depth using SPRINTARS and its comparison

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서울과 수도권 지역에서의 미세먼지 고농도 발생원인

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Evaluation of California emission inventories by integrating in-situ and remote sensing observations and model simulations

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Global Aviation Turbulence Forecast Technique and Research

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Multi-spectral Imagery and RGB Composites for the New Generation Weather Satellites

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Curtis Seaman(CIRA, Colorado State University) 과학관 B101 2016 10/28 11:00

Introduction to the International Collaborative Experiments for Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic winter games(ICE-POP2018) at KMA

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주상원 박사님(국립기상과학원) 과학관 553 2016 10/25 16:00

Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation Interactions in Warm Boundary Layer Clouds

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Co-evolution of life and climate

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Evaluation of Atmospheric Model using Small Scale Energetics

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Our Research Using High Vertical-Resolution Radiosonde Data

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Prof. Marvin Geller(Stony Brook University) 과학관 553 2016 9/9 14:00

Urban flux towers: applications & challenges

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Recent Advancement in Land Surface Modeling and its Impacts on Weather and Climate Simulations

| 대기과학
Dr. Fei Chen (National Center For Atmospheric Research) 과학관 553 2016 6/2 11:00

Severe Droughts in California in the Last Two Decades and its Implication on Droughts in East Asia

| 대기과학
명복순 박사님 (APEC Climate Center) 과학관 551 2016 6/2 14:00

최신 기상레이더 기술 및 관측사례

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임상훈 박사님(한국건설기술연구원) 과학관 B102 2015 11/3 16:00

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